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Some Beach Pics

I wanted to share some pictures of us at the beach back in May. Silas is doing a pretty good job guarding Uggle (This is what Silas started saying instead of Uncle)  We love it!  We are just going to be Uggle and Kiki :) A little curl popped up on top of Silas' head.  Isn't it adorable.  Mamie we hope you have curls like your momma.   Silas was all about wearing his glasses at the beach.  Such a cool dude!
I love this picture of Brit and Silas.  It makes me think of People magazine and I was that paparazzi hiding in the bushes to get a good pic of some famous person with their cool baby ;) Silas was all about the water.  There is no fear in this child when it comes to water.  He for sure kept us all on our toes.  I can't imagine what it will be like with he and Mamie next year at the beach.  :)
This is such a serious face :)
I love his blue eyes!  What a sweet little baby ;) Silas loves his Pops jeep!  The boy had some "Man" time and drove Silas down the street and back. Mary Ellen one of Brit's friends brought her adorable kids down to play one day.   Not sure what they are looking at? Mamie, here's your cute daddy! And Pibby and Pops taking a walk down the beach.   I love how much Taylor loves on my belly.  He is talks to you a lot Mamie.  You for sure will be a daddy's girl and Taylor can't wait.
Silas loved the sand so Pops and Uncle Jason covered his legs all in it. Silas loves his Kiki
Oh so heavy! This is one of my favorites of Silas.  That look just makes me smile.


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