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Winnie is home

A few days later

Our first nights went really well after Winnie arrived.  We LOVED our nurses at St. Vincents so much and they took great care of us.  We were treated to the awesome suite thanks to our good friend Leanna.  Thanks girl!  Winnie passed all of her test and we were able to head home after 2 days.  I was so excited to get home and see Burke.  We decided not to bring him up.  He was having so much fun with Abe and Silas and we didn't want him to come up and see us and then have to leave us again.  We had lots of visitors who wanted to see our newest addition.  I had a hard time sleeping.  I felt like it was Christmas.  I wanted to have her in my arms the whole time.  It amazed me how much she looked like her big sis.  Silas is so in love with Winnie.  I love hearing him talk to her.  He would say in a quiet voice "Sweet baby girl, you look so cute in your little outfit and you little hat and bow."

- Sarah

Winnie is here!

Our precious Winnie is here and she looks just like her sister.  Labor went really smoothly... way better than with Burke.  My epi actually worked this time.  I was so happy Amanda could be there to photograph our sweet girl coming into the world.  I will say no more :)  Here is Winnie's video


Naked Cowboy

I love this picture of Taylor and Burke watching the sunset and the pink sky.  We love talking to him about Mamie and we love to hear him talk about her to us.  Such special moments!

Gus, Burke and Mommy