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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Adopted Hospitals

As of right now we are in the hospitals listed below.

If you or your business or organization would like the honor of sponsoring all of the plates in one hospital for an entire year, we recommend this level of donation.  For $1,200 every plate distributed by the partner hospital will  be funded by your gift.  Your family or business name will be painted on the back of every plate used at your adopted hospital.


Little Rock Children's -adopted by Miller McNeil Woodruff Foundation unlimited time

Baptist  Heath Little Rock-adopted by Merrill Lynch Little Rock 2012

St. Vincent Little Rock

Baptist North Little Rock

Conway Regional

Washington Regional- NWA adopted by the Miller McNeil Woodruff Foundation 2012

Mercy NWA - adopted by J.B. Hunt Transport Inc. 2012 & 2013

Northwest Medical Center Bentonville

Willow Creek Women's Hospital- adopted by Mellow Mushroom of Fayetteville and Rogers 2012

New Happenings with Mamies Poppy Plates

I am so excited that we will be moving into our new headquarters the first of August. This all couldn't have come at a better time. God has lead us every step of the way with Mamies Poppy Plates. Once we get in and settled I will post some pictures. I can't wait to hang the amazing painting Bethany Cannon painted at our race. It will look so good there.

Since the race lots of new and exciting things have happened.

First is getting our awesome headquarters donated to us from Dr. and Mrs. Strong. They have been so kind to us! I couldn't thank them enough as well as their daughter Sharron. Sharron and I went to high school together. I hadn't seen or talked to her in probably 10 years when Mamie died. She sent me the kindest letter and this amazing book that she had put together for me of quotes people had posted on Facebook and places for me to insert pictures of Mamie. Through tragedy you really see who your friends really are and make so many new amazing friendships with people that reach out and want to help you.
Second we had our first out of state hospital St. Michael's was adopted by Blake's Journey down in Texarkana, TX. They have been huge supporters and we are so grateful for them.

Third we are working on a new and improved way of working with the hospitals that will help us expand so much faster.

As of right now we stock the plates in the hospitals where the nurses have to use a special paint that we give them for the footprints. They are then handed over to the families to bring into Firefly for the final painting and firing. We found this amazing transfer paper that we will now be using to get the baby's prints on the plates. We will send packet to each hospital. When there is a loss the nurse will grab one packet for that family. Inside will be our brochure, a blank page for the baby's prints, an information sheet for the family about our organization and the paint worksheet that the family or nurse will fill out and put with the prints in the addressed and stamped envelop that will also be in the packet. We will have volunteer paint days once a month where we will paint all the plates from that previous month. I am super pumped about it. My hands will be in it more and we can be a little more in control of everything.

We hope to have the packets by the first of September. If you or anyone you know in your area wants to help get us in their local hospitals or wants to adopt a hospital for $1200 a year please shoot us an email.

- Sarah

Monday, July 30, 2012

More fun at the lake

My rock star baby

Burke spent the whole afternoon on the boat eating watermelon.  He loves some watermelon

A little picnic by the lake :)

So so tired!.  He lost his balance and got stuck on his back.  He didn't even care:)
Burke loves his jet ski

Sunday, July 29, 2012


Oh my goodness I was in tears the other morning watching Burke for the first time at ECA at church.  I was so glad I got to sneak in and see what they do.  They strap them all in the mini chairs at a mini table where they sing songs about how much God loves them.  They pass object around for the babies to see.  I remember everyone telling me that the very first time Burke went they passed a baby bible to him.  He started gnawing on it.  He is such a billy goat :)  This Sunday he got to sit next to his good friend Sydney who is such a doll baby.   Sydney's momma is on our Mamie's Poppy Plates board and we love her so very much.   Be sure to check out the video at the end.  



ENT- Sick baby

We have had a crazy past couple of weeks.  First off Burke bit his lip about a month ago.  The spot puffed out and hasn't gone away.  We went to see the doctor and he sent us over to the ENT.  We found out there that sometime this kind of trauma to the lip can cause a small cyst to form.  She said it isn't going to hurt him it could just bother him which I know it does because he always has his hands in his mouth messing with it.  We decided to give it a few months to see if it will go away by itself.  If it doesn't they will have to put him under to cut it off and put a few stitches in.  I hate to think he would have to go under.  I mean I know parents have to do it all the time but for something so small that isn't hurting I just don't know.  

She then looked in his ears and informed me that he was in the early stages of an ear infection.  REALLY!  Geez.  We started him that day on an antibiotic.  We made it through the weekend and the following Tuesday (last Tuesday) he started running a very high fever.  He was so needy and just wanted to lay on me.  Wednesday I took him back to the doctor were we were told that his ears were good and that this was probably a fever virus and that we had to let it run it's course.  That night at about 11pm he woke up screaming.  I ran in and picked him up.  Y'all he was so hot he felt like he was about to explode.  I stripped him down, got him some ibuprofen and a cool wash cloth.  Poor little guy he just laid on me and whimpered.  I was up with him till about 3am trying to get his fever down.  Taylor had taken a benadryl and was NO help at all. :)  I finally was able to put him back in his bed and we all got a little bit of sleep.  Since then his fever has gone down and as of Friday he was back to normal.  

But wait... this morning Taylor let me sleep in and he got up with Burke.  Before I new it he was running in the room telling me that Burke was covered in red bumps.  Y'all they are from head to toe on this poor child.  We called medical exchange and they said that this could be the final reaction to the fever virus and it shouldn't last longer that 72hrs.  I was relieved to hear that and seeing that he is acting totally fine and they aren't bothering him.  

Anyway I am ready for my little man to be back to normal.  I will keep you posted on the spot on his lip.  I really hope it goes away on its own.

- Sarah