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Spring Cleaning in the Garden

We have spent the past 2 days working out in Mamie's garden getting it all ready for the Spring blooms that will be happening before long.  We had 10 yrs of mulch delivered yesterday. Thankfully Marvin, the awesome yard guy that does a lot of work in our neighborhood was around to help me.  With it being Friday Taylor was at work and I only had a few times in between naps to get out there and spread mulch.  Over the weekend Burke was a big helper and today he has been doing the same.  He and Taylor have been driving back and forth to the nursery to get..... yes MORE mulch so we can finish up.  We put a little in the back of his dump truck and he drives it over and dumps it where I ask him to.  He cracks me up.  So sweet!!!  Mamie's chime has been making its beautiful sounds all day which I love.  I know she is happy to see us all together working on something so special to all of us.

First thing this morning I turned on Mercy Me pandora station.  My favorite song came right n…

You are my sunshine

Today was a really nice day.  The weather has been completely bonkers lately.  One day it is in the 70s and the next there is snow on the yard when we wake up.   But today was nice and that made me happy.  We have been up the past couple of night.  Burke has been having his coughing fits and asthma attacks.  They totally stress me out when it comes to the night time.  Taylor was out of town so I just put Burke in my bed so I could keep my eye on him.  My eyes were on him for sure.  I think I slept a hour both nights.  Poor little guy was coughing and whimpering the whole night.  One night after he did finally calm down and go to sleep sure enough Winnie woke up screaming.  I was up with her for about an hour.  Anyway back to today.  Burke woke us up as usual.  Taylor had made it in around mid night

from his work trip and we had been up taking Burke back and forth to his bed after we moved him when Taylor got home;)  The sun was out but man was I tired.  I mean that tired where everyt…

A sign to start blogging again

I have totally been slacking on the blog here but things have been a bit busy around my house ;) to say the least.
Winnie turned 1 just the other week and we had a sweet little family party for her.  She loved her cake but I am pretty sure Abe and Burke loved it even more :) she is growing up so fast.  About a month ago she decided to take her first steps to her favorite person Uncle J.  We thought for sure she would be walking by her first birthday but she hasn't totally decided to take the plunge!  She is super fast on her knees so that is where she has stayed.  :)

One of her new things is to point and say "dat"!  She wants to show us everything that she sees.  I took her to the doctor the other day.  I laughed when the doctor came in and she started pointing at every thing.  She was as sick as a dog but still happy.  He was really impressed saying that most babies don't start doing that till they are 14-15 months.  :) The pointing all started in her room when we …