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You are my sunshine

Today was a really nice day.  The weather has been completely bonkers lately.  One day it is in the 70s and the next there is snow on the yard when we wake up.   But today was nice and that made me happy.  We have been up the past couple of night.  Burke has been having his coughing fits and asthma attacks.  They totally stress me out when it comes to the night time.  Taylor was out of town so I just put Burke in my bed so I could keep my eye on him.  My eyes were on him for sure.  I think I slept a hour both nights.  Poor little guy was coughing and whimpering the whole night.  One night after he did finally calm down and go to sleep sure enough Winnie woke up screaming.  I was up with her for about an hour.  Anyway back to today.  Burke woke us up as usual.  Taylor had made it in around mid night

from his work trip and we had been up taking Burke back and forth to his bed after we moved him when Taylor got home;)  The sun was out but man was I tired.  I mean that tired where everything was blurry and I kind of felt like I was walking around in a dream.  Burke wasn't feeling a ton better but he was talking my head off.  It is crazy how they can be up all night sick and then wake up and have so much energy.  I got my coffee and fixed he and Winnie some oatmeal.  By that time it was way past time even thinking about getting in the shower and trying to get us all to Bloom Bible Study.  I swear we have missed so much this semester and I hate missing.  Winnie woke up not long after.  I tell you that girl is ready to have her milk and eat when she wakes up.  Skip the diaper change :)  I got them settled and sat down with them.  Soon after Taylor wondered in for his coffee.  It was nice having all of us sitting at the table.  I really don't know what it was but there was something about this morning (we do it all the time).  It was really nice.  We had a really great morning.  Laying on the floor, playing puzzles and just being together.  Winnie has turning into such a love bug.  She loves to give kisses and we love to get them.  This morning she kept giving me a kiss and then Burke a kiss.  Man do I love that.  I so hope they are that way forever.   Burke will say, "I love you baby sis.  Winnie is my baby sister and Mamie is my big sister".  I love that he always includes her.  I don't know if it was because we always talk about her or what but he is connected to Mamie.

After naps Burke and I went outside to mess around in Mamie's garden while Winnie was taking her second nap :)  We looked at all the plants starting to rise from the ground.  This is such an exciting time of year in the garden to get it all cleaned up and to watch all the beautiful plants that we planted grow and bloom even bigger than last year. We walked around and I told Burke all about the plants that we were looking at.  It was so sweet how excited he was when he found another plant coming up and how careful he was walking around.  Mamie's chime was making beautiful sounds as we walked around.  I can't wait to get our dump truck- yes DUMP TRUCK of mulch delivered to put in the garden.  It takes a lot of time and energy since it is our whole front yard but it is so beautiful.  

We finished our day at the park with friends and then a nice family dinner before we put the kiddos to bed.  They are sleeping sound and I haven't heard a single cough.  Off to bed.  I plan on sleeping through the night tonight ;)

- Sarah


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- Sarah