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Prayers Please

I am writing today with a heavy, heavy heart. Our friends, Patrick and Meredith had their world flipped upside down. Last Thursday they were told to bring their precious 4 week old baby, Miller, to Children's Hospital for testing for muscular dystrophy. This past Wednesday their worst nightmare came true. Baby Miller tested positive for spinal muscular atrophy type 1. They were released from Children's yesterday. I went to visit and was overcome by sadness seeing them in this situation. I began questioning God again. Why? It just isn't fair. Why are so many having to deal with such heartache? I know He will be with them every step of the way but they need your help too. Patrick and Meredith are such an amazing couple with such a strong faith but they need all of our prayers. I believe prayer is even stronger when you pray by name. Meredith told me it was okay to share their names with you all. If there is anyone out there who has been through this or knows s…

we need your help

We are building a new website and we need your help! If you have received a Mamie's Poppy Plate and you are willing to share your story and a picture of your plate please email us at

You are invited!

Sarah and Mamie's Poppy Plates are being honored on May 5th and we would love to see you there. Information is below. To order tickets you can send a check to UAMS Maternal Fetal Medicine, P.O. Box 250739 Little Rock, AR 72202 or call Donna Smith at 526-8166- Britney

Burke 24 weeks and update on doctor's visit

We had our big ultrasound the other week and I have been meaning to update you all. Sorry for the delay. First off I did pass my glucose test which is great news. To celebrate Taylor bought me a big snickers :) ha! just what I needed after drinking pure sugar water all morning on an empty stomach. I did have a total melt down at Cornerstone that morning. After drinking the sugar water I figured Burke would be bouncing around in my belly. I couldn't get him to move at all. I can't even begin to tell you all how scared I was. I rushed back to my nurse in tears begging for them to get the doppler out. Within seconds I was on the table as they rubbed the doppler across by belly. I was a total wreck. I just keep thinking in my head "I have lost another baby!" The nurse quickly found his heartbeat and everything looked and sounded great. I was SO relieved but couldn't pull it together. I wanted to curl up in a ball and cry my heart out. Why? Why did I h…

Burke 21 weeks

I love this precious photo of Burke at 21 weeks. He was blowing Taylor and I a kiss. Sweet baby boy. - Sarah