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Christmas Eve- Visting Mamies Special Spot

This afternoon before we went to church we took flowers down to Mamie's special spot.  It was a beautiful afternoon to go visit.  Taylor picked up the most beautiful pink flowers just for his special girl.  When we got there we saw that someone had left her a Christmas card.  We were not surprised when we flipped it over to see that Silas had drawn Mamie a picture.  It makes us feel good to know she isn't forgotten.  We also took a pink rose over to our friends sweet baby Mary Madison's special spot that is right by Mamie's.  
We miss Mamie so much.  It is especially hard this time of year but we know she is in a much better place.  I know they will be having a big party in Heaven tomorrow for Jesus' birthday!  

Abe's 2nd Birthday

We celebrated Abe's birthday yesterday afternoon after having to put it off a few days.  Saturday morning Abe smashed his pointer finger in the door and they spent the whole day at Children's Hospital having it sewn back on.  Poor little guy but he was so tough.  Silas and Brit made him catapillar cupcakes.  It turned out so cute and was really good!  Abe had lots of help from Burke and Silas opening his presents since he only had one arm.  It was a fun afternoon with family as always.  Happy Happy Birthday sweet Abe.  We love you!
- Sarah
"Abey 5!"

Daddy and Boo

Christmas with the Webers 2012

This past weekend we got to spend some time with our good friends Matthew, Jayna, Owen and Ellis along with their family.  We always love seeing everyone and eating all the good food they prepare.  Burke, Ellis and Owen had too much fun playing with all the new toys as well as riding on the roller coaster down the hall.  You would think by Burkes face he didn't think it was that fun :)  
Jayna it was great seeing you guys and getting the kids together.  Susan and Chuck thanks for a yummy yummy dinner and Todd and Chanda thanks for the John Deere truck you gave Burkie.   Love you guys
- Sarah

Church at Rock Creek

We took the boys to the Church at Rock Creek to play the other day. Burke had never been there. They had so much fun in the awesome indoor playground that has slides and things to crawl in two stories high. So fun!

Burke, Abe and Silas

We took the boys out at the last minute to take pics this weekend.  It was so nice but just a little windy.  We had so much fun and the boys had a blast running around!  I got some adorable pictures! - Sarah