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Me, Gus & Mamie

I totally forgot about this picture and had to show. I was trying to take a picture of Gus a few weeks back and my belly kept getting in the way. So cute! -Sarah

28 and 29th week

I have been so bad at blogging. Things have been going great. I am growing which means Mamie is growing :) I have been super busy with work which I love and really is making the days fly by. I have photographed tons of babies which I love. A week from last Thursday I started feeling really bad. The pollen has been so bad this year and man it hit me hard. I am back to normal now. YEA. Taylor is getting hit now with his allergies. Hopefully he will get over it much quicker than I did. I think with all this rain the pollen should be gone. YAHOOOOOO!!!!! Lets see what else has been going on. We have been busy getting the nursery ready. Mom and I picked up the crib last week and Taylor and I spent Friday night putting it together. I washed all of her bedding and got it all on the bed. I have to walk in her room every day. It just makes me smile because before long she will be in there. Kris, the lady that is doing the drapes picked up all the fabric last week as well.…

Passed My Glucose Test!!!!

Wednesday morning if you all remember I had to go in for additional glucose test. I past all of them which is so great. "Thank you Lord!" I feel so blessed He has been so good to us. Today I woke up feeling like crap. I am sure I am not the only one right now being totally over taken by the pollen in the air. Every year about this time I get this gunk and it usually turns into bronchitis. I have had the hardest time breathing today. It probably doesn't help that I don't have much room to breath with a growing baby in my belly pushing on all of my organs. I took it easy today and have a doctors appointment tomorrow morning. Taylor has been such a good hubby. He brought me some soup home for lunch and is now cooking us dinner. He really can cook good. :) Brit and Silas came up to see me this afternoon which totally made me feel better :) Silas wanted to crawl all over KiKi (that is what he is calling me) I love it. Oh, time for dinner. I will post lat…

27 Weeks

I am 27 weeks today which means I am in my 3rd trimester and I have 91 days to go!  YEA!!!!!  We had a great Easter weekend.  Taylor was off on Friday so we headed over to the lake to stay at Annie and Alan's place.  Thursday night there were some really bad storms.  Brit called to tell us the tornado's were headed straight for us.  I am not that scared of storms but I was this time.  We were staying in a trailor on Lake Ouchita.  Yall I can't tell you how freaked out I was.  My body was so tense Mamie was totally kicking around in there.  She had to have known something was going on.  The electricity went out and it was SO dark.  We decided to make a run for the storm shelter that had 2 ft of nasty water in the bottom.  I didn't care as long as we were safe.  I was not about to sit in that tin can while a tornado headed for us.  The storm made a turn right before it got to where we were which was a blessing.  All I could say over and over was "Thank you, Thank yo…

Belly Shot :)

We went to the doctor for my check up on Tuesday. When I first got
there I had to drink down some kind of orange drink and then was told
to be back at the lab in an hour for my glucose test. While we waited
we had another ultrasound. Mamie has gotten so much bigger. She is
measuring at 2lbs. 3oz. I can't believe it. She is a growing
girl :) After the ultrasound we met with Dr. Sellers. He said
everything looks good. My placenta is still a little low so they will
have to keep an eye on it. I think he said they will give me another
ultrasound at 34 weeks. I love all these ultrasounds and getting to
see her. The glucose test didn't go as well. I missed it by 4 points
which they said happens a lot. So next week I get to go back at 7:45
Wednesday morning and spend most of my morning having my finger
abused :) just kidding. They will just have to prick my finger 3 or
4 times. Hopefully I will come back with good news on that.Yall are going to be so prou…

26 Weeks

This past weekend was kind of crazy.  I headed out for a lovely walk with the dogs Friday morning at Two Rivers.  It is flat and I can let the dogs off their leases to run.  Well about half way into the walk I started to really hurt.  I decided maybe I should turn around and head back.  The pain got worse.  I had to sit down and kind of curl up in a ball.  What the heck was going on.  I got up and made it back and laid back in my car for a while.  I really thought I was about to throw up everywhere.  Well, when I got home Britney told me I needed to call my doctor.  So I did and he told me to rest and if I was still in pain to come in.  I took a warm bath and drank tons of water which made me feel much better but not normal.  Taylor headed out of town and I spent the weekend here with Alyson (girls weekend :)  The whole weekend I just didn't feel right.  My back was KILLING me.  I felt crampy and Mamie didn't move but a few times which was so not normal.  I really started feel…