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Burke is 3mths!

My baby is 3mths! I can not believe it. He is getting such a little personality and is really such a laid back little guy. Amanda is going to take some pictures of the family soon for us. I can't wait. - Sarah

Bumbo Baby

Burke sat in his bumbo for the first time the other day. He really liked it. He is such a big boy :) - Sarah

A New Necklace

I was having kind of a sad day this past Friday after hearing of another mother that lost her sweet baby. She had been induced and was waiting to deliver. It really hit me hard thinking of she and her husband waiting at the hospital to deliver their first baby and that baby not being alive. I know I have said this over and over again but it just isn't fair. It seems to be happening way too often and it makes my heart hurt so badly. Taylor came in after work with a package that had just been delivered. I laughed when I picked the large box up and saw the name Kate Harrison on it. The thing felt completely empty. I thought.... what in the world. She must have forgotten to put whatever it was she wanted to send me in the box. I dug through the box and found a small round container and inside was a necklace with Burke and Mamie's name on it. I almost bust into tears. This gift couldn't have come on a better day. It was so perfect and so beautiful. The note read…

Such a happy boy

Silas is 4!

Silas turned 4 on Sunday and Britney put together a small little super hero party for him at the lake. It was such a beautiful and cool day and all the kids had a blast. -Sarah