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Burke is one!!!!

Burke turned 1 on June 12th and we had a small family party over at the lake.  Poor little guy wasn't feeling well at all but he was a trooper.  Taylor and I were so excited to give him his Radio Flyer wagon.  He loved it.  He and Abe took turns getting in and the other pushing.  Cooper, Hayden and Silas had a blast riding around in gator and splashing in the lake. When it was time for cake Burke didn't know what to do.  He had fun digging his hands in it but he didn't want to put any of it in his mouth.  Abe came over and got into the cake while Burke ate strawberries.  Funny little baby!  Maybe he won't have a sweet tooth ;)  It was a fun and relaxing weekend with all of our family.  I have tons of pictures below :)  -Sarah