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Sweet baby love

Winnie's First Bath

Burke's first time to hold Winnie

When we got home from the hospital Burke was so sick.  He was so snotty and after taking him to the doctor we found out he had an ear infection.   The doctor didn't think it was safe for Boo to be around Winnie until he cleared up a bit.  We were dying for him to meet his new sis and all we could do is let him look at her from a far.  He seemed okay with it.  All he wanted to do was be around us and everyone that was stopping by.  Finally the day came when he was all well and we asked him if he wanted to hold Winnie.  Truthfully I thought he would say no but I was wrong.  He was so excited.  We told him to crawl up on the bed and sit really still.  We scrunched the pillows around and placed her in his arms.  I could cry just typing this right now.  What a precious moment!  He was so proud and you could tell so in love.  He looked at us with his sweet little face and I captured a beautiful innocent picture of the two of them.  I couldn't believe it they were BOTH looking right …

Winnie is a week old

Little Rock Marathon

I am so very proud of Taylor.  He decided last year to train for the the LR Marathon.  Not the 5k, not the half but the WHOLE marathon.  After much training he hurt his back pretty bad and had to delay his run until this year.  We were laughing because when I went into labor with Burke, Dr. Sellers was on a 100mile bike ride so we just knew something like that happen with Winnie being due so close to the LR Marathon.  Sure enough we delivered little bit the Tuesday before the marathon.  Thankfully all was well and we were home by Thursday so Taylor could get rested for Sunday.  Brit and I took the boys and headed down after church to meet Taylor at the finish line.  Watching all the people come in was pretty exciting but not as exciting as when Taylor came through.  His very first marathon and he ran it in 4hrs and 12min.  Pretty good isn't it.  I know I will never accomplish that.  I can't even run a half mile.  :)  Not my thing.

Taylor, congratulations!  We are so proud of …