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A night with Silas

Last night Taylor and I kept Silas so Britney and Jason could go on a date. We always have TOO much fun. Silas rocked out in the backyard for a while for us. He has his own make believe stage and plays pretend guitar with a rake. I have a video that I hope to post later of that. It is too cute. We then made our way in the house after getting eaten alive by mosquito's. What the heck???? Aren't they supposed to go somewhere else in the fall :) We did lots of playing in his new room. It was a very fun night for both Taylor and I. Lots of laughing went on and that felt great. After I read him his books he said his prayers which ended with "Say hi to Mamie" I love to hear him talk about Mamie. - Sarah He likes to say "YaHOO"

Alabama Game

Tailgating was fun as usual and when the game started we girls headed to Dickson Street to hang out. We had so much fun and got to celebrate Ashley's (my sister-in-laws) birthday with her.

Alivia and Owen

Last weekend Amanda, Taylor and I headed up to Fayetteville for the Razorback game. I was very excited to see my friends but especially little Alivia and Owen. They are both getting so big and it just warms my heart to see all the new things they are doing or saying. Alivia is still so chilled and is just at that good lovey baby stage. She let me snuggle up with her which I loved doing, of course. Owen, on the other hand, is all over the place! We played chase forever, and that laugh.... awe.... so sweet. He is really starting to use his words and was calling me Titi and Taylor, Tay. Every time I look at him I think about Mamie. I start thinking in my head about what she would be doing. They would be the same age. Would she be using her words like Owen? Would she like to read books and snuggle up? I find myself wanting to be with every precious child I meet more and more. I want to just hang on to them. Sunday morning after I dropped Taylor at the airport I went into Dust…

Plate Delivery

We had a fun packing party the other night and assembled 100 plate packages! 100 plates ready for delivery. We are excited that St. Vincent, Children's, UAMS and Baptist LR have their plates for any family who is in need. Meeting everyone at the hospitals was incredibly uplifting. The excitement and love that they showed us was amazing. Everything seems to be falling into place right now and I am so happy.- Sarah
This is what the sticker on each box looks like.Inside the box we have a 5x7 insert that is a more personal story about our loss of Mamie for the families.Here we are on a wet day delivering our the plates to UAMS

We did a practice run on a sweet sweet baby that only weighted 13oz. We were able to get both a hand and a foot.

Packing Party

So much hard work has been done to get Mamie's Poppy Plates to a place where....there is so much hard work to be done! After researching and shopping for plates, boxes, brochures and mailers, we placed a huge order and had a ton of plates to put together for delivery to hospitals. We all worked hard and felt joyful that Mamie's name carries on and will help bring healing to other families in need.