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Winnie and her friend LULU

Winnie was so cute today rolling around on her play spot with the adorable stuffed animal LULU that her "B" gave her.  Her little personality is really coming out these days and I love it!  She is so happy.  You can just look at her and she will give you this big toothless grin.  I love it!!!!
- Sarah

Winnie is 4mths

We LOVE the special blanket that one of sweet friends and business partners Sarah Madden Lair made for Winnie.

4 Years

Today Mamie is celebrating her 4th birthday in Heaven.  WOW!  4 years.... I know people say this all the time but it really feels like yesterday.  It has been an okay day today.  I have been  in a quiet zone today.  Not really having a lot to say.  Just wanting to be quiet and think about my sweet girl.  We have stayed pretty busy up at the office getting things squared away after the race which has been good for me.  I will say I have been on the verge of tears all day.  It is so weird how crazy your emotions can be.  I really have been doing great lately.  I didn't cry at all at the race and today I tear up just thinking about her let alone talking about her.  Taylor and I took Burke and Winnie down to visit Mamie's special place after work.  I cut some of the pink hydranies in her garden for us to place at her marker.  It was a nice evening and her chime that Daniel and Candice hung in a tree sounded beautiful.  It was bittersweet sitting Burke and Winnie there with the flo…

The Anhalts Visit for the Race

The Anhalts came and stayed with us for the weekend of the race.  Burke and Alivia picked up right where they had left off.  We grilled out that Friday night and Boo was so excited to show her his pink pool :)  Sunday before they headed out we decided we would go grab lunch and check out the Museum of Discovery.  Yes I know, I must have been crazy!  I should have been in bed resting after all the race stuff.  We had SO much fun.  I think the adults actually had more fun then Burke and Alivia.  What a cool place!  Burke and I pretty much crashed on the way home and were out all the next day but it was so worth it!  Dustin and Ashley can't wait to head to the beach in September!

Our Interview with Mallory Brooks

We absolutely love Mallory Brooks.  She is such a beautiful person both inside and out.  I always look forward to seeing her every year and we were super excited that she was going to be our MC at the race.  Her sister-in-law and I went to school together and she lost a baby a few years before I lost Mamie.  We were able to get her a plate done which was so awesome and a very special gift from some of her close friends.  Mallory totally gets it you know.... she went through it with her brother and sister-in-law and she just gets it.  We had a great interview and lots of good laughs while we were there as well.

- Sarah

Brit and I stopped at Community Bakery for some much needed coffee after that early morning interview.  It was nice getting to sit and enjoy a hot cup of coffee. :)