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Gus and Burke

Gus has not paid much attention to Burke since we brought him home. Actually the day we came home from the hospital Gus looked at Taylor and I, walked over and to his pillow and put his back to us. He wasn't very happy with us at all :) Every day gets a little better. I think he has figured out that this little person is here to stay. When I change Burke's diaper Gus comes in the nursery and stands there with me and he sniffs his head sometimes too. Earlier this week the 3 of us were sitting on the deck and Gus wanted to be right by Burke. I love this picture I got of the two of them. I think the older Burke gets the more Gus is going to love him. I bet they are going to be the best of friends before long.- Sarah

Adams Family

Last weekend we were over at the lake and Burke got to see his cousin's Hayden and Cooper as well as Mima, Pop, Uncle Drew and Aunt Ashley. We had a great visit and are looking forward to seeing the fam. this coming Labor Day weekend. Burke loved sitting in Pop's lap. He cooed and smiled the whole time :)I love this picture of Pop's hands and Burke's little hands. I couldn't get it to turn the right way. Oh well!Proud MimaHayden was such a big girl and got to hold Burke. He looks almost as big as she is :)I love this picture of Pop and Aunt Ashley.

Prayers Please

Taylor's cousin had her second child on Wednesday. The baby's name is Eli Adam Poe. He weighed 7lbs. 6oz. Eli is at ACH because he is in need of a heart transplant as well as other minor surgeries leading up to the transplant. It's a very complicated situation and the family is in great need of prayers. They are not from Little Rock and the mom will be dismissed from the hospital tomorrow and they will meet with the cardiac team then. So much to think about... Please pray. We will update as we know more. -Sarah

Expressive Baby

First time on the boat

Yesterday it cooled off enough to take the babies out on the boat. This was Burkes very first boat ride and he LOVED it. We were all surprised with those horrible life jackets they have to wear but it didn't seem to bother him at all. We drove to a cove so Silas could swim while we all took turns on the boat with Abe and Burke. - Sarah

Burke is 2mths old

I cannot believe Burke is 2mths old. What a sweet little blessing we have. Everyday I look at him I see a little part of Mamie and that makes feel so good. I know she is watching down on us and is happy to see her mommy and daddy with her precious little brother. Burke has for sure put on the lbs. and we are thrilled with how well nursing is going. He was just a little nugget when he was born at 5lbs. 13oz. but has worked hard to catch up with all of his baby friends in weight :) - Sarah Look at those cheeks :)OHHHHH so happy!

Lounging in the hammock

This morning was so nice over at the lake. Brit and I decided to take the boys out to lounge on the hammock. They were having a great time when a huge rain storm blew it. Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend. - Sarah