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Please Pray!

Today has been a very emotional day. I got a text around 10am from NILMDTS that a baby that was delivered at 38 weeks was about to pass. I froze when I saw the text. It made me so sick to think of what that family was going through. The whole day my head has been in the clouds thinking of this family. Why does this have to happen?Just a little while ago Taylor and I were snuggled up on the couch having a glass of wine and watching tv when I got a call from one of my favorite wedding clients from a few years back. She began crying as she told me her cousin went in for her 38 week check up today and they could not find the heartbeat...... I immediately began having flash backs of me sitting in the ultrasound room as they told me Mamie had died. What is going on??? I just want to scream right now! My client wanted to know if I would be willing to photograph their precious baby once he was delivered. That was a question I didn't have to think about. I told her…

9 Months

I can't say that today has been the best day. I woke up with tears streaming down my face. I didn't want to get out of bed. All I could think about was what we would be doing today if Mamie were here. First of all I know I would have been awake much earlier than 8am. Sleeping in would not be a normal routine for me. I imagine that she would be crawling and pulling up on all of the furniture. Taylor and I would have moved everything out of reach that she could get to, that she shouldn't be. The coffee table would be padded and there would be toys everywhere. I was so angry this morning. I wanted to scream and cry for hours. I sat in her nursery and looked out at the beautiful garden that is about to burst with blooms. I just don't understand why we have to be here without our sweet baby. I slowly made my way into the kitchen to get my normal cup of coffee and made my way out to my spot on the deck. I was very thankful to see the sun shining through the t…

I am still here I promise!!!!

Just wanted to drop a quick note to all my faithful friends, family
and readers out there. I know some of you might think I have fallen
off the face of the earth but I promise I will be back with a long
post soon. Life has been about the same. Taylor and I are so
thankful Spring is almost here. This winter has been very long, cold
and depressing. Please check back soon for an update on what's going
on in the Adams' household.Much Love, Sarah


It's a beautiful day here today. Silas and I are out enjoying the sun on the deck. - Sarah

Disney World 2010

We went to Disney World a few weekends back and it was amazing. Not only was it the first time for Silas but for Britney and me too. I put together a video set to Silas' favorite song. Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend. The weather is amazing here today. - Sarah