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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Race Update

The Race to Remember 5K that benefits my non-profit Mamie's Poppy Plates is getting so close and I am getting super nervous and excited all at once :)  I know we are going to have an amazing turn out like the past 2 years.  Just saying lots of prayers that it all comes together just the way we are all planning.  We have so many amazing people helping out and I am ever so thankful for the love and energy they are putting into this event.  For those of you out there that don't know this is our biggest fundraiser for the year.  We raise 70% of our funds through this race.  What this money helps us do is expand and offer more families who are experiencing the tragic loss of their baby a special plate at no charge. If you are interested it learning more about MPP go check out our site at

I was talking to Tricia with the other day about all the props the race committee came up with for the open air photo booth.  She was sending me proofs and ideas which all look really great.  I think the families are going to love this new addition to the race this year.

Registrations are going up every day which is great.  I have a hard time not going to the site a few 100 times a day to see where our numbers are.  AH!!!!!! The tshirts for registrants are SUPER cute this year.  We are going with a navy blue this year instead of white and the design is really cool.  I will post some pics closer to time :)  Not sure I have the okay from our designer to do that just yet :)

The other day I talked to one of my really good high school friends that I haven't seen or talked to in years.  He is such a sweet guy.  He now own's Papa Murphy's here in LR and is going to supply all the pizza for the race. WHOOHOOO!!!!!  Thanks Ben!  The cool thing about our race and pre-party is once you get in the doors EVERYTHING is free :)

Anyway, I am getting super excited and can't wait for it to be here ;)

- Sarah

Here is the video I put together thanks to the fabulous pictures taken by my friends Ben Krain and Amanda Moore.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Weekend


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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Repost from R+F- Sara Reineke – You Can Do It

 Below is a repost from our Redefine Your Future Blog with Rodan+Fields.  I love Sara's story and wanted to share this morning.

- Sarah

“I know you can do it.” 

To hear someone utter those words and know they truly mean it is a gift. Sara Reineke was blessed to have three people putting their faith in her from the beginning, convincing her she could do it, even when she worried that becoming an Independent Consultant for Rodan + Fields® was too much for the already hectic life she was managing. Knowing she would be a great at the business, Sara’s friend referred her to another Consultant, Maisha, who encouraged Sara to pursue the opportunity. Sara’s husband saw through her trepidation and confidently encouraged her to enroll. With such positive voices behind her, she quickly implemented the “I can do it” attitude, determined to be successful. And she was, from the very start. 

Working as a full-time teacher, wife, and mother of three children, Sara fits her Rodan + Fields business into the nooks and crannies of her life – squeezing in a little work during her lunch break and utilizing her time in the car wisely so she can devote her evenings at home to her kids before a little more work once they’re in bed. This dedication has enabled Sara to grow her business in a way she never imagined. She was immediately amazed at the fruits of her labor – not just the earnings, but in the connections she’s made. She is a testament to the fact that there’s never an excuse not to try. 

“I work full-time and have three kids. I know that busy people can be very successful at this because they know how to work. So, I don’t accept ‘busy’ as an objection. Anyone can fit it in if they want to.” 

In building relationships with other Consultants, Sara has discovered that the “wanting to” is a uniting factor for them all. But, it’s the why that makes them different. Sara is constantly fueled by her own driving force. 
“Other mommies go on field trips. Can you come?” asks her youngest daughter. 
And she can’t. “I have to say no again. That is what keeps me going. Anybody who is successful at all in this business has figured out their why and that’s what drives them. Our whys are all different and they change over time, but we all have our reasons for doing this.” 

In just 14 months as a Consultant, Sara has reached a point financially in her business where the possibility of moving out of the classroom, being home with her kids, and going on field trips is a reality. But she won’t be leaving her life as an educator behind. Her relationship with Rodan + Fields has presented unique opportunities for training and teaching. 

“I love watching some of the women on my team. They get so excited to build a business for themselves and to see them set out, show leadership skills, and jump in with both feet – that’s amazing. I see their confidence level rise; I love that.” 

Sara finds herself drawn to continue meeting potential new team members when she thinks about the strength she felt when she was first introduced to Rodan + Fields. “As a blind referral, they did not know me at all and they still reached out to me. I think that’s pretty powerful. It’s not just who you know. It’s much bigger than that.” 

Monday, May 19, 2014

Too expensive.......

Think Rodan + Fields is too expensive? Think again... Here's a simple breakdown of what each product or tool costs PER DAY. Y'all, this is less than your Starbucks! So, do yourself a favor and get some amazing skincare and feel great about how you look. You'll thank us later!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

My crazy kids

Okay so the other night Taylor and I had Winnie all to ourselves so we took her out to dinner :)  Burke since he was a baby has LOVED lemons.  I mean he will eat the rind and all.  I know I know they are super bad for their teeth so we only give them to him very often only when we go out to eat will he get on.  So back the night we took Winnie out I decided to see what she thought of those tart mouth puckering little things.  YALLLLLL she LOVES them.  She didn't even make a sour face.  What is wrong with my children?  They crack me up.  I of course had to get some pictures of her and she was showing out just a tad :)  
- Sarah