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Race Update

The Race to Remember 5K that benefits my non-profit Mamie's Poppy Plates is getting so close and I am getting super nervous and excited all at once :)  I know we are going to have an amazing turn out like the past 2 years.  Just saying lots of prayers that it all comes together just the way we are all planning.  We have so many amazing people helping out and I am ever so thankful for the love and energy they are putting into this event.  For those of you out there that don't know this is our biggest fundraiser for the year.  We raise 70% of our funds through this race.  What this money helps us do is expand and offer more families who are experiencing the tragic loss of their baby a special plate at no charge. If you are interested it learning more about MPP go check out our site at

I was talking to Tricia with the other day about all the props the race committee came up with for the open air photo booth.  She was sending me pro…

Memorial Weekend

My crazy kids

Okay so the other night Taylor and I had Winnie all to ourselves so we took her out to dinner :)  Burke since he was a baby has LOVED lemons.  I mean he will eat the rind and all.  I know I know they are super bad for their teeth so we only give them to him very often only when we go out to eat will he get on.  So back the night we took Winnie out I decided to see what she thought of those tart mouth puckering little things.  YALLLLLL she LOVES them.  She didn't even make a sour face.  What is wrong with my children?  They crack me up.  I of course had to get some pictures of her and she was showing out just a tad :)   - Sarah

Mother's Day Weekend

Love these two

Nothing like spending the day outside with my two love bugs!   - Sarah