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Happy Halloween

This Halloween has been a blast.  Burke being able to walk and understand more what is going on around him makes it so fun.  Silas decided he wanted to be Dracula this year so Brit and I made Abe and Burke their own baby bat costumes :)  I always love doing crafts and making these costumes have been so fun and super easy.  We actually got the idea from Becky our friend who made Ike the wolf last year while her daughter was Little Red Riding Hood.  Anyway, there were some parties on Sunday that we took Burke too.  First we went to his school carnival where they had live animals and trick or treating out of trunks of cars.  It was so cute.  After that we headed over to the Butlers house for a super fun kids party.  They had all kinds of fun stuff, a popcorn machine, hot dogs, face painting, bounce houses and more.  Burke was obsessed with the bounce houses.  I had to crawl in and get him because he wouldn't come out.  You should have seen that :)

Today Britney and I took the boys t…

Burke, Owen and Ellis

I have been meaning to post about our weekend with the Webers.  They came down a few weeks back to see their family and us :)  Ellis turned one in September so they invited us all over to have burgers with their family.  Burke hasn't seen Owen and Ellis in so long.  I really wish we lived closer to each other.  They had more fun running around playing with the balloons and standing in front of the fan.  They were some crazy babies.  Owen would join in and then he would be off doing his big boy stuff.  Watching them all made me smile but also made me sad because Mamie should have been there to play with Owen.  Jayna and Matthew it was great seeing your guys and we can't wait to hang out this weekend.  Love ya

- Sarah

A Day with Dino's

Remembering Mamie

Today is National Pregnancy and Early Infant Loss Remembrance Day. What a special day to remember all the precious babies that have gone to heaven. We had a good day. I kept Abe this afternoon and I talked to he and Burke about Mamie and we looked at her pictures in the hall. Abe said Mamie a few times which was so sweet to hear out of his little mouth. Tonight we lit Mamie's candle with Burke. It is battery operated and when I turned it one Burke got a big smile and said "whoaaa". I told him to sit on his bottom and he could hold his sisters candle. He ran over to the step and sat. What a sweet moment. I got this precious picture with my phone. 
Thinking of all the babies in heaven today!!!!


I feel you sweet girl....

Tonight's the night that I felt Winnie for the very first time.  Taylor and I are sitting here by the fire watching Glee's that we have recorded.  I can feel those little flutters down low and it makes me smile.  You seem to forget what that feels like until it happens again.  What an awesome feeling of that precious little life inside your own body.  God is amazing!

- Sarah

Our Florida Trip- September 2012

We went to Florida a few weeks back.  I had to shoot a wedding on Saturday the 14th in Rosemary Beach so Taylor and I decided since our 8yr anniversary was the next day we would make a trip out of it.  Our good friends Dustin and Ashley decided to go with us as well.  We had so much fun.  We stayed in some really nice condos in Sea Crest which is right next to Rosemary on 30A.  We arrived on Friday evening and as soon as we walked in the condo we all headed out to the balcony to see the ocean.  Burke started pointing his little finger up and going "ooh ooh"  We all looked up and OH MY GOODNESS!!!  I have never seen that many dragonflies in my life.  It was so awesome!  There is a video below.  Saturday morning we hit the beach and the kids LOVED it.  Burke wasn't too sure about the sand but he loved the water.  I headed off to my wedding later that day which was SO MUCH FUN!!!!  Ben and Kelsey are from Little Rock.  I have known Kelsey's family for a long time and j…