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Monday, November 22, 2010

Arkansas Hospital Association Trade show

The Arkansas Hospital Association trade show back in October was a true hit. The interest and enthusiasm we received was both heart warming and proved that what we are doing is going to go so far. Thanks to everyone that came to help. We would like to give a special thanks to one of our biggest supporters, Judy Adams from Catering To You who helped us get our booth and made the yummy and beautiful petite fours for everyone that stopped by our booth.

Me and Britney

Me and sweet sweet Crystal.

The two Sarah's :)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Update on Brit and baby

A few weeks back Amanda and I had to rush Brit to labor and delivery because she was having serious contractions. Being only 30 weeks at the time made it very scary. Baby Abe needs to say put for a while so he can keep cooking. They hooked her up and monitored her while they gave her fluids and pain meds to stop the contractions. Thankfully she had not dilated and it all turned out to be okay and she got to go home after a couple of hours.
Everyone has been taking turns with Silas to get him out so she can rest. Dr. Wendel said she needs to take it easy and rest as much as she can. I picked him up for the park the other day. I took him to the old park that Britney and I grew up playing in. We had so much fun running around and hiking the trails. I love that little guy.
- Sarah

Saturday, November 6, 2010

The loss of another baby

Last week was another really hard week. We were super busy in the office when I got a text from my sweet sweet friend Mitzi saying they had gone in for their 20 week ultrasound and there was no heartbeat. I wanted to start screaming. WHY! Why is this happening to so many people that I love? Why does it happen to anyone at all. It just isn't fair. The pain you feel..... I can't even describe it. No one should have to join this horrible club. I immediately picked up the phone and called her back. As soon as I heard her sweet voice on the other end my eyes welled up with tears. She told me she didn't know what happened. I could tell she was in total shock. We closed down shop here and Britney and Amanda got out with me to go gather some very important things for Mitzi. Touch has been so important to me. Anything that Mamie touched is so precious to me. I headed to Target and found a soft cream blanket that we could wrap the baby in, I also found 2 books that really helped me through this past year. Gone but Not Lost: Grieving the Death of a Child and Grieving the Child I Never Knew. I really was wanting to find this other book called Naming the Child: Hope-Filled Reflections on Miscarriage, Stillbirth, and Infant Death but I couldn't find it anywhere. I was kind of overwhelmed and angry at the book selection at Barnes and Noble. There was NOTHING. How could that be? I mean this is reality for so many families and there should be books on hand out there. Anyway enough on that.... :) I also included in her bag a wooden holding cross and I loaned her my beautiful prayer shawl that my minister gave me at the hospital before I had Mamie. I also talked to a friend that wanted to do something special for Mitzi and Whit. I told her to call Roberson's and get her a baby ring. She did just that. :)

Mitzi and Whit had a day to process everything before they went in to be induced. I was so relieved to hear that Dr. Sellers was on call and would be her doctor through out the day and night. I kept my phone by my ear the whole night. I don't think I slept a all. Thursday morning rolled around I rushed to get ready and sent Whit a text. So after I did the nurse from Baptist called and said Mitzi would be delivering any minute. I had all of my camera gear in the car and I rushed up to the hospital. I sat in the waiting room with family as we waited to hear. Suddenly the doors open and Whit came walking through. The pain and hurt on his face was all too familiar. The tears streamed down his face as he hugged family and told us that we could go back and see Mitzi and their precious baby boy. When I saw Mitzi in the bed holding her sleeping angel I don't even know what to say. It hurt so badly to see her right there where I had been, holding her lifeless baby. Isn't this suppose to be the happiest moment of your life?Having a baby? It was far from happy. Mitzi did have such a peace about her. She was so calm as she introduced her sweet baby to me. She held him close as she and Whit looked him over and compared him to their other two children. He was perfect.... just perfect! I began taking pictures and ended up staying at the hospital for about 5 hours. We placed him on the blanket that I brought and took pictures. I placed his baby ring around his tiny little hand. It was so beautiful. After weighing him and getting his length the nurse brought out a familiar box. It was a Mamie's Poppy Plates box. Never in a million years did I think I would be where I am or what I have been through. But having two friends within a month receive a MPP just seemed crazy. The nurse stamped his perfect little feet as I took pictures. Tears streamed down my face behind the camera. Why and this is not fair, kept running through my head. We finished up by putting his footprints in both Mitzi and Whit's bible next to Psalm 139:14 . What a beautiful verse. It says, "I praise you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made." How perfect is that. Mitzi and Whit decided to name their sweet boy, Weston George Penick. They had a family ceremony and buried Weston at Roselawn cemetery the next morning on one of the most beautiful days of the year. Mitzi and Whit are doing okay. I told them the pain will never go away. You just learn to live with it. Weston will be forever missed.
- Sarah

My hunting husband

This morning, this is what Taylor was up too. He is very excited about going hunting next weekend and has been working on his deer standamgig all week. He headed out to the backyard this morning to try it out. I was doing some stuff around the house when I looked out the window and saw him sitting in one of our many pine trees out back. He cracks me up. I walked out there to take some pictures. Hope you are all enjoying your Saturday!

- Sarah

Gus was totally confused! Can you tell :)

Mamie's Poppy Plates

We just posted a new entry on Mamie's Poppy Plates blog. Be sure to go check it out.
- Sarah

Friday, November 5, 2010

First plate to go out

A sweet family gave their permission to share our experience with their little boy. It was my honor to give them the first plate and to take pictures like the ones that have been so precious to me. This sweet baby was full-term and stillborn. I remember so clearly getting the phone call about them. I was out on my morning walk when I received a call from Lynette, my awesome bereavement nurse. She said that there was a patient that had just delivered her stillborn baby the night before. My heart grew heavy and a huge lump formed in my throat. "What can I do Lynette? Can I please bring them a plate?" I said. She thought it was a great idea and so I made my way home and then headed to the hospital. We were able to get his beautiful little footprints on the plate and I took pictures of their sweet baby boy. Lynette asked me if I would like to go in and give the plate and pictures to the parents, and without hesitation, I said yes. Walking down that hallway, my stomach began to knot up. We opened the door and walked into the dark, quiet room. The silence and sadness in the room I know too well. I pulled up a chair beside bed and slowly handed over the plate and pictures. The mom and dad broke down into tears looking at their beautiful baby boy's prints. The way her husband rubbed her arm and kissed her head kept me at the day we held Mamie. Through their tears, there were a few smiles at how long his feet were and how beautiful and perfect his little face was. I stayed for a while and then made my way home, so happy that the first plate - the first official Mamie's Poppy Plate - was given to them by me. I know this plate won't heal them, but I know that seeing their boy's footprints and knowing they are not alone will give them a bit of comfort.
- Sarah