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Just a swingin

Yesterday was so beautiful. After Burke's afternoon nap we went down to see his cousins. Silas wanted us all to go play in his playhouse. Burke had so much fun swinging in Abe's swing. You wouldn't know it by his expressions ;) It was his first time and I think we are gonna have to get one at our house. I hope we lots of warm days this winter.

Happy Friday.


Burke is 7mths

Burke is 7 months today!  7 MONTHS!!!  Were in the world is the time going.  He has brought so much joy to our lives and he surprises us everyday with something new he does.  He is still such a solum sam but once he checks out the situation he will start smiling.  It totally cracks me up.  He cuts up in front of Taylor and I all the time.  Squealing, laughing, bouncing his head back and forth when we sing, blowing bubbles, and working on his voice.  But if someone else walks in the room it's all over :)  His bottom 2 teeth are in and I think he might be getting more as much as he chews.  He loves his Sophie.  I keep her in his crib which sometimes scares us in the middle of the night when he wakes up and start playing with her.  All we here is this loud squeaking through the monitor.  He also has figured out how to get a hold of his mobile.  He swings that think all over the place.  He loves to grab it and let it pop out of his hand.  I took it down until we drop is bed down lower…

Christmas 2011

I am a little late on a lot of these post but oh well :)  Christmas this year was great.  My family we had Christmas before Jason and Britney headed off to Wisconsin.  Burke got a prayer time board book and a baby bible board book too.  I was really hoping for those.  One thing that I loved is that my family made a donation to Mamie's Poppy Plates in Mamie's memory.  That meant a lot opening a gift to Mamie and just knowing they haven't forgotten. 
On Christmas morning Taylor and I got up and had a nice breakfast before Burkie work up.  Santa brought him a rocking frog that plays music.  He was pretty interested in it but really liked the wrapping paper much better.  I was super pumped about my gift.  I got a Ninja :)  for those of you that don't know about the Ninja go check it out.  I have found someway to use that thing pretty much everyday in the kitchen.  It is super awesome for making baby food.
We went to Hot Springs to have Christmas with Taylor's family l…