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Monday, September 24, 2012

What's in a name.....

Well as you all know Taylor and I love different names but they all mean something very special to us.

Pregnancy 1-
Girl- Mamie Katherine Adams
Boy- Burke Kenneth Adams

Mamie Katherine as most of you know came from both sides of our family. Mamie was the name of my grandmothers sister. We never met Aunt Mamie but we feel we now her from all the stories my mother told us. I have her rocking chair in Burke's room right now and after we lost our Mamie my Aunt Sandy gave me Aunt Mamie's bible. What a special gift!   I found writings in her bible and also found out that she had miscarried once and never had any children after that.

Katherine is both Taylor and my grandmothers name. Catherine Bussey is my dads mother and Katherine Cowgill was Taylor's mothers mom who he never met. She passed away when his mom was very young from a brain tumor.

Pregnancy 2-
Boy- Burke Kenneth Adams
Girl- Winnie Hope Adams

Burke is my mothers maiden name and we just love it. There were all girls and one boy cousins and our one boy cousin didn't have children so we really wanted to keep that name going. We all loved Irvin and Enloe Burke so much and why not name our son after them.

Kenneth is also a very special name. First off it is Taylor's dads name who we love very very much and he was very proud when we told him.  He has recently passed away and so the name means the owrld to us.   Kenneth is also Taylor's first name so it worked out perfectly.

Pregnancy 3-
Girl- Winnie Hope Adams
Boy- Wesley Samuel Adams

We should find out the sex of baby bean this week but I will go ahead and explain

Winnie is my great grandmother on my moms side. I love the name it goes
great with Mamie and Burke but it also is very special. The meaning behind Winnie is pure, white, blessed and peaceful.  That pretty much sums up it up.  Hope came from our loss of Mamie and our hope in our future, happiness, more children, etc.

Wesley we have decided on if it is another boy :)  We love the name and this was Taylor's grandfathers name on his dad's side.  I know it would mean the world to Ken.  Such a cute name.  It means "Western Meadow"

Samuel is my great grandfathers name and we also love it very much.  We didn't think having a Samuel Adams would be very appropriate :)  I think that might be a beer or something :)  So we are using it for his middle name.

Anyway there you go.  What's in a name...... well a lot to us and I am so happy to share all the meanings behind our names with you all.

Stay tuned........I have added a poll to the blog.  Everyone vote on what you think we are having.  We shall see ;)

- Sarah

Sunday, September 23, 2012

13 Week Check Up

This week Taylor and I went in for our 13 week check up.  They found in ultrasound about a month ago that I had a small subchorionic hematoma which they said is very common and usually happens during implantation.  It bought me another ultrasound at this visit which we were both very excited about.

I haven't been feeling great this first trimester.  It reminds me a lot of how I felt with Mamie.  I am trying not to get it in my head that this little bean could be a girl.  We really don't care either way.  Boy/Girl we just want a healthy baby.

My nerves have been on edge more than ever lately.  Like I said in earlier post.  They have taken me off my lexapro.  It was extremely hard but I feel I have evened out now which is good.  But back to my nerves.... I just keep thinking something is wrong with this baby or that I am going to miscarry.  Taylor has been such a great husband trying to calm my fears.  He keeps telling me to lean on the Lord and keep my faith.  I feel like I am....I just think I might know too much now with what I do with Mamie's Poppy Plates.  But I also feel like what if what I am feeling is that mothers instant that we have?  We are past the first trimester which is good and the statistics of miscarrying go down but as a mother that has lost a child I know you are NEVER safe!

Seeing our little bean on Tuesday did calm my heart.  We didn't get to find out the sex so I have to keep calling the baby an it or baby bean:(  It was moving it little hands around by it's face.  Baby bean is very active and was doing some crazy kicks which could explain why I have been feeling so sick ;)

We are heading out for our vacation on Friday.  Taylor and I will be celebrating our 8 year wedding anniversary this Sunday and we will be down in Florida where we were suppose to get married those many years ago.  I say suppose to .... for those of you that don't know Taylor and I planned a small family beach wedding in Sea Grove, Florida back in 2004.  2 days before the wedding we were evacuated because Hurricane Ivan was going to be making landfall pretty much on our wedding day.  It was so crazy but gave us a fun story to tell.  We would have gone ahead and gotten married but non of the men were there including my husband to be or my dress.  Yall the sky was crazy and the waves were huge.  It would have made for such a cool and dramatic background.  Anyway, we drove back to LR and got married out at my Aunt and Uncles house and it was amazing!  It kills me when people are so stuck on having that perfect wedding.  Things happen and really the only thing that matters is that you get married to that person you said "Yes" to spending the rest of your life with.  I would have married Taylor in the basement of that house if I had too.  :)

Okay enough talking.  We are excited about a week at the beach. (notice I didn't say relaxing :)  Burkie Boo is with us and I can't wait to see him in the sand.  It could be very interesting :)

I will report back sometime this week :)

- Sarah

Below is a picture of our little bean.