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What's in a name.....

Well as you all know Taylor and I love different names but they all mean something very special to us.

Pregnancy 1-
Girl- Mamie Katherine Adams
Boy- Burke Kenneth Adams

Mamie Katherine as most of you know came from both sides of our family. Mamie was the name of my grandmothers sister. We never met Aunt Mamie but we feel we now her from all the stories my mother told us. I have her rocking chair in Burke's room right now and after we lost our Mamie my Aunt Sandy gave me Aunt Mamie's bible. What a special gift!   I found writings in her bible and also found out that she had miscarried once and never had any children after that.

Katherine is both Taylor and my grandmothers name. Catherine Bussey is my dads mother and Katherine Cowgill was Taylor's mothers mom who he never met. She passed away when his mom was very young from a brain tumor.

Pregnancy 2-
Boy- Burke Kenneth Adams
Girl- Winnie Hope Adams

Burke is my mothers maiden name and we just love it. There were all girls a…

13 Week Check Up

This week Taylor and I went in for our 13 week check up.  They found in ultrasound about a month ago that I had a small subchorionic hematoma which they said is very common and usually happens during implantation.  It bought me another ultrasound at this visit which we were both very excited about.

I haven't been feeling great this first trimester.  It reminds me a lot of how I felt with Mamie.  I am trying not to get it in my head that this little bean could be a girl.  We really don't care either way.  Boy/Girl we just want a healthy baby.

My nerves have been on edge more than ever lately.  Like I said in earlier post.  They have taken me off my lexapro.  It was extremely hard but I feel I have evened out now which is good.  But back to my nerves.... I just keep thinking something is wrong with this baby or that I am going to miscarry.  Taylor has been such a great husband trying to calm my fears.  He keeps telling me to lean on the Lord and keep my faith.  I feel like I a…