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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Life is good!

I always said I would keep up with this blog but Mamie, Burke and Winnie are keeping their momma very busy these days.

Winnie is now 8mths old. I took she and Burke in for their flu shots and Winnie's check up yesterday. They were so good as usual for the doctor. Burke sat on the table and rolled his tongue around in his mouth and looked at the doctor with his shy little face.  Pibby held Winnie naked in her brothers diaper (momma forgot to bring her one) kicked and waved and grinned at the doctor. She is such a mess and I don't think will be at all shy like her brother. Winnie got a great check up. She is in the 25th percentile for length and the 5-10th for weight.  Big girl weighs 14.9 lbs. ;). These past couple of months she has changed so much. 

6 mths she got her first bottom tooth. Soon after the second one came in. 7mths she was sitting up and now at 8mths she is on the move crawling but really wants to walk. We keep telling her to slow down but she is so interested in what her big brother is doing. She gets on her hands and knees then pushes up straightening out her legs. It is so cute. She has also started waving bye bye and putting her arms up when we say So Big. 

Burke is growing like a weed too. He is loving preschool.  He is learning tons of new things everyday thanks to his awesome teachers Ms Betty and Ms Monique. He amazes Taylor and I everyday.  He is really trying to find his independence. He wants to do everything on his own without our help. He is also a big helper. He helps me with Winnie bringing me diapers etc and the newest thing is helping me unload the dishwasher. Ha I can't complain about that;). Burke loves baby Winnie. I love listening to him talk to her in a sweet baby voice and watching him snuggle her and give her kisses. Every morning when Winnie wakes up he smiles and says "hi baby Winnie" then runs over to give her a big hug and kiss. She scrunched up her nose with her big smile and shakes her arms. Ah so amazing!  

We have been spending a lot of time in Mamie's garden lately. Burke loves to play in his sisters garden. We moved one of her angel bells the other day and that was the first thing Burke had to tell Taylor when he got home from work;) 

I have really been missing Mamie a lot lately. I always miss her but this time of year I think is just extra hard with the holidays being here.  We have moved MPP to our new space and are all set up. We have lots of new amazing and talented painters and new volunteers and board members. The love and dedication for our mission that so many people have brings me to tears. We wouldn't be where we are without all these people but more importantly we wouldn't be where we are today without God.  I get chill just thinking about it.

Life is good and we are very blessed. 

Friday, November 1, 2013


What a fun Halloween we had this year. Burke totally got it and was excited to go trick or treating. We even practiced at home;). Burke was the strawberry farmer and Winnie was his strawberry. They were so cute. It rained all day but the sun came out and it cooled off just in time for our neighborhood Halloweenie roast and the hay ride. It was a great night. 

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Catching up

The past couple of weeks have really been great with Winnie and Burke. Everyday I am reminded how blessed I am to have all three of my precious babies.

A few weeks back Burke decided he was going to crawl out of his baby bed. It was pretty interesting and yet a little bit scary. With slate floors we worried that he might fall and break something. The little booger was doing this with his sleep sac on. He is a master escape artist. We decided it was time to just play it safe and get him a big boy bed. Thank you Amanda for hooking us up with the adorable twin bed. The same week he also decided he wanted to use the potty. We were all for this. It just was a lot of change in one week. Fast forward to today we are still working on the potty training. He is really getting the hang of it. The big boy bed took some adjusting. By adjusting I mean at times him screaming at the door saying " I don't likey" to sneaking out of his room and sleeping on the hall floor. Oh and one time we found him in his closet. Me typing this also reminds me of something else funny he does. When he comes out of his room he opens the door really quietly , peeks out, sometimes closes it then opens it quietly again. Then he will walk out quietly and close it behind him and then just stand there. He is like a little ghost. Sometimes at night if I am up feeding Winnie I will hear him and call his name but he doesn't answer. It kind of scares me to tell you the truth. Then you will hear ... Swish swish swish. Here he comes down the hall in his sleep sac. Got to love it. As much as I hate him getting up during nap or the night it makes me giggle.

Burke has also just recently taken a liking to golf. Wait let me restate that. Burke has taken a HUGE liking to golf. The child is a little obsessed. First thing in the morning he has his plastic clubs and ball out whacking them down the hall. Taylor has taken him to the driving range a few times, and he thinks he is big stuff.  He makes my heart swell with love.

Now before I move on to Winnie I have to tell you how sweet Burkie is to his baby sis. He loves her so so very much. Ever morning when we go to get her up he runs as fast as he can to her room. He climbs up on her crib and with the sweetest smile on his face he say " Good morning baby Winnie sweet angel." Y'all it is the most beautiful thing seeing them interact. Her eyes light up every time she sees him and if she hears his voice she starts searching all around to find him. Burke and I were talking the other day. He is really trying to grasp the I am his mommy, Taylor is his daddy, Winnie's is his baby sis and Mamie is his big sis in heaven. Lately he has been saying Mamie's an angel and lives in heaven. And I will say yes she is. He will then say she crying.... I can't tell if he is asking me or telling me. If I ask he starts talking about something else. Who knows.

We have also been playing a lot in Mamie's garden. Burke loves to go out there and help us pull weeds or pick up tree limbs. He is such a big helper. He also likes to run around with Silas and Abe out there. The plants have grown a ton most of them are as tall if not taller than Abe and Burke so it is a fun adventure.

Winnie is such a little doll baby. For her to be as fussy as she was a few months back she is the happiest little nugget. I say little nugget still because she is such a little petite thing. She is 5 mths and there are a few 0-3 that she is still wearing. She is such a talker too now and pretty loud. I can actually hear her jabbering in her bed right now. When you talk to her she gets this huge open smile and kind of crinkles up her nose.  I love it.  She is totally different from how Burke was.  He was such a solemn little guy when he was her age.  We would try and try to get a smile out of him. ;)

Winnie really wants to be big, you can already tell.   She watches Burke and her cousins where ever they go.  She wants to sit up and loves for you to stand her up.  The rolling thing doesn't seem to be one of her favorite things to do.  She is really good about rolling from her back to her stomach but flipping back over just makes her mad.  I mean really MAD :)  She gets so frustrated.  Mom and dad said that makes them think of me when I was little and I would say "Okay fine!" and slam the door.  Whatever :) She will never act like that :)

Sleeping is another story.  We have a good night and then a lot of bad nights.  I don't know what it is. We have started putting her on her tummy to sleep and she seems to really like that.  We tried the cry out thing which was so much easier with Burke.  It took 2 nights with him and we were all good.  She screams and screams for close to an  hour and man is she loud.  I am so worried she is going to wake up Burke and then we have 2 little ones awake.  I think that this week I am going to try it again.  I need some sleep and this getting up ever couple of hours is killing me.  She loses her paci and then gets frustrated because she can't get it back in her mouth.  She just isn't quite there when it comes to that kind of coordination.  I know this will pass, and I won't even remember it which is why I love to journal about all this so I can look back and remember :)

To sum it all up life is pretty great right now.  We are all happy and healthy and busier than ever.  I wouldn't have it any other way.

- Sarah

Monday, July 29, 2013

Burkes big day

We have had a pretty eventful week so far.  Burke decided he wanted to be potty trained so he can wear big boy undies (Gabby Undies at that :) plus he started crawling out of his crib in his sleep sac.  We decided to go ahead and move him into a big boy bed.  He was so excited!