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Afternoon in Mamie's Garden

This afternoon was really nice.  It was overcast and felt great outside.  We took the boys out to look for frogs and play in Mamie's garden.  I love watching them run around all the beautiful plants and hearing them laugh.  I know Mamie is watching down on them smiling.

- Sarah


Evening Ritual

He have had Burke on a great routine before bed for a long time now and I decide why not start trying to start that with Winnie now.  We are going on night 3 of them both going to bed at 7pm.  Burke loves to snuggle and read books before bed with one of us.  Boo usually gets a bath before dinner and I am now trying to bathe Winnie right around 7 while Taylor reads books and gets Burke down.  Then I spend a little time with Winnie while she kicks and coos on the bed while I get her lotioned up and in her jamies.  In just 3 nights I feel like it is really working.  We get her all snuggled up in her sleep sac and she is ready for her passy and her swing.  This has been really nice because it is giving Taylor and I some time to visit and get anything done around the house we need to do.  The other night I was super pumped because Winnie didn't wake up to eat till 2am.  That was a long stretch for her little 9lb self.  :)  The second night she woke up at midnight wanting to eat and aga…

Play Time

Winnie is really starting to love to be down on her playmat. You wouldn't believe it by her solemn face but she kicks and kicks and really loves when Burke gets down on his belly and talks to her.  They are too cute together.

- Sarah

Playing in the water table