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34 weeks

Burke is putting on the weight and we got some really awesome ultrasound pictures. He loves the camera already. -Sarah

UAMS Maternal Fetal Medicine Country Supper

What a perfect night we had at P. Allen Smith's farm on May 5th! It was a beautiful location for a very special night. Sarah and Dr. Whit Hall were honored by the UAMS Maternal Fetal Medicine Group. Sarah told the story of Mamie and Mamie's Poppy Plates to a group of just under 300. Tons of our family and friends attended the dinner to show support. Here are some pictures from the evening. Doesn't Sarah look adorable!?!?-Britney

Burke at 32 week ultrasound

So this week started our 2 a week doctor's appointments. One day we go to Freeway to see Dr. Wendel. They are doing a big ultrasound where they are checking my amnionic fluid. This past week I had plenty of cushion. My amnionic fluid was at a 16 which is really good. After the ultrasound they hook me up to the fetal stress monitor where they monitor for contractions, Burke's heartbeat and his kicks. I was having contractions on Monday but Burke was responding just the way he was suppose to. YEA! The doctors are wanting me to slow down since I am having contractions and for my mental health. I am totally fine with that. Thursday I went to see Dr. Sellers where I was hooked up to the fetal stress monitor again. All looked good. We will repeat every week till he decides to come. Since I have slowed down on work I feel so much better. I have been getting lots of rest

29 week ultrasound

A few weeks ago Jyl called and said she wanted to do an ultrasound for us. Taylor and I were very excited but I was a little nervous. This whole pregnancy with Burke is following right along with my pregnancy with Mamie. As the days pass by I feel like I am starting to go crazy. Being due a week off from Mamie's due date just blows my mind. I know God has a wonderful plan for us but it is still so hard to keep your thoughts from wondering. We decided since our last ultrasound we did with Jyl for Mamie was 30 weeks we would switch it up a bit and go in on our 29th week. It was so great to see that little guy. He has grown so much and we couldn't believe how much he looks like Mamie did. He was so active during the ultrasound. At one point when we were looking at his little legs he bent them both and then kicked at the same time. Taylor said, "Wow babe did you fill that?" I had to laugh. It feels like he is trying to kick through my stomach at times. It wa…