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Alivia and Owen

Last weekend Amanda, Taylor and I headed up to Fayetteville for the Razorback game. I was very excited to see my friends but especially little Alivia and Owen. They are both getting so big and it just warms my heart to see all the new things they are doing or saying.
Alivia is still so chilled and is just at that good lovey baby stage. She let me snuggle up with her which I loved doing, of course. Owen, on the other hand, is all over the place! We played chase forever, and that laugh.... awe.... so sweet. He is really starting to use his words and was calling me Titi and Taylor, Tay. Every time I look at him I think about Mamie. I start thinking in my head about what she would be doing. They would be the same age. Would she be using her words like Owen? Would she like to read books and snuggle up? I find myself wanting to be with every precious child I meet more and more. I want to just hang on to them.
Sunday morning after I dropped Taylor at the airport I went into Dustin and Ashley's room. They were both laying on their sides on the bed with Alivia in between them. She was rolling around and making her sweet little noises. Seeing the way they looked at her and the way she looked back at them... well, words can't describe the tenderness and love. I wished so badly that was Taylor, Mamie and me. I wish we were able to have that early morning of loving on our precious Mamie. Kissing her sweet soft skin and looking at her in awe at every new little thing she did. It just isn't fair but you know what.... being able to see that with my friend makes it just a little better.
It was a great weekend and I truly can't wait to get back up there and see those two.


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