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Happy Friday

I am so glad it is Friday. Taylor and I are going to meet some of our good friends over at the races tomorrow for derby weekend and I can't wait. We have been twice this year and really haven't done very well. I think tomorrow is our day :) I posted a while back about signs. Do you all remember the night I talked about when Taylor, Alyson, Stuart and I were sitting out on the deck when a huge owl landed right beside us on a tree limb. It was the most amazing thing. She was beautiful. Taylor did some googling and we think she is a barn owl. Well I have gotten back to my morning walks around our neighborhood. Just the other day my neighbor (who lost her mother to cancer a few months after Mamie died) and I were walking around the lake. All of a sudden in the woods to our right we saw a bird with HUGE wings swoop down and pick something up and fly back up to a tree. YALL! It was that owl. I mean it might not have been that exact owl that came to our house but it was a beautiful barn owl. Lauren and I stopped walking and watched her in amazement. I didn't even think owls came out during the day. It was super cool and I believe it was another sign that was sent to the both of us. I didn't take these pictures. I pulled them off the Internet so you guys could see :) I know you all have seen falling stars. They are so beautiful and don't happen very often. This past fall Taylor and I were in Fayetteville for a Razorback game and visiting friends. We had all gone to dinner and decided to stop by an old pool hall we use to hang out at when we were in college. After losing to the guys in pool Jayna and I stepped outside to visit and breath in the fresh fall air. It was crystal clear night. Jayna and I were talking about Mamie and Owen and what great friends they would have been if she were here. I was getting a little emotional when something in the sky grabbed our attention and we both looked up. It was a falling star. It was SO bright and it didn't shoot across the sky but fell. We both looked at each other and began crying. It was spectacular and I am glad Jayna and I got to experience that together. Just a few weeks later I was driving over the hill into our neighborhood. In this certain spot it is pretty clear and the sky seems enormous. As I topped the hill I saw my second falling star. It was brilliant and fell down from the sky just like the one we had seen just a few weeks before. My third falling star sighting was just a few weeks ago. We were having dinner outside with Taylor's brother and his wife along with some other friends. Ashleigh (my sister-in-law) and I were the only ones to see it. All I could do was smile. Mamie is sending her Momma signs that she is okay and I love it. It warms my heart. I believe there are signs all around us. We just have to slow down in our busy lives and look around. Another picture pulled of the Internet :) Much love to you all -Sarah


  1. I couldn't agree more Sarah! What great advice...we could all take a bit more time to slow down and take a look at what God is showing us. Love you!


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- Sarah