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Burke is 8mths

So I have totally been slacking again on the blog post.  Things have been great around here.  Burke is on the move these days and man is he fast.  He hasn't figured out how to crawl on his knees yet but he has mastered the army crawl.  A few weeks back we  both got pretty sick.  After a long wait at the doctors office we found out he had strep.  Not fun at all.  I felt so bad for the little guy.  While dealing with that he was also cutting 2 more top teeth.  Yes that's right.  Burke has 6 teeth now and he loves to chew on everything he can get his hands on.  Burkie has been such a quiet little guy until just a few weeks ago.  His personality has really come out.  He's such a ham these days.  He loves to dance, clap his hands, show us his tongue, wave bye bye and sing into his favorite microphone oh and I can't forget he loves loves loves to play with any kind of ball.  Everyday he seems to do something new and I thank God for this wonderful gift He has given us.

To walk in the room and see that little face light up when he see's you.  Ah there are just no words to describe it.  :)  When I look at him and he crunches up his nose and smiles really big it just melts my heart.  When we say "I'm gonna get you" and he squeals and starts crawling away from us as fast as he can.  It's so fun.  Motherhood is a wonderful thing!

Every night before bed Burke and I say our prayers.  I began saying the prayer when Burke was born that Britney says with Silas.  This past month when I walk him into his room and I began to say "Know I lay me down to sleep..." he turns his head and puts his face into my chest like he is praying with me.  Pretty cool!  We always tell Mamie that we love her so so much and miss her more than anything.  Man how I wish she was here.  She would be such a good big sister.  We talk to Burke about Mamie all the time and I know even though she is not here he will know his big sis.

Life is good and we have been blessed.
- Sarah

Burke and Gus are really getting use to each other.  Gus love that Burke is eating finger foods now.  He comes running to the kitchen table as soon an I sit Burke in his seat.  I am sure the Goose is going to gain a ton of weight.  


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- Sarah