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Baby Burke is here!

Baby Burke decided to come a little early and as you all know I was hoping he would decide to do that before his sisters birthday on June 26th. I woke up Saturday the 11th not feeling great. I had a really sharp pain in my right side of my stomach. Taylor had gone for a run and my phone was all the way in the kitchen. After about an hour of trying to get to the phone I managed to call he and Britney. I was so scared. The pain was so sharp I really thought something was wrong. They got me in the car and we headed to labor and delivery at St. Vincent's. After being on the monitor they saw that I was having contractions pretty steady but I was only progressed to a 2. Dr. Sellers was not on call and was on a 100 mile bike ride that morning. I of course sent him a text. We had all been saying that was probably the day I would go into labor. I had told him to put a motor on his bike just in case and we so wouldn't laugh if he showed up in his bike shorts to deliver. Just as long as he was there. With my history they said we wouldn't be leaving the hospital without having this baby. They decided to start a low dose of pitocin to get the ball rolling a little faster. Taylor and I were nervous since I was only 36 weeks and 5 days. What if his lungs weren't ready. I began praying for a healthy baby boy. Hours went by and around 4pm I decided I would get my epidural so I could rest. This had all started around 9:30am that morning so I was pretty tired. Dr. Sellers finished his race and came in around 6 and broke my water. The night went on and at 6:28am Sunday morning Burke was born weighing 5lbs. 13oz and 19inches long. It was so amazing and we were very thankful he arrived safe and sound. Below are some pictures Amanda took. She did an amazing job and I put together a slide show at the very bottom. I put it to the song Silas did his sweet slow dance too right after Mamie died.


  1. Sarah, I am so excited for y'all! He is beautiful!

  2. Congratulations on your baby boy! He is beautiful! I know you are so happy to have him safe and sound in your arms!

  3. Beautiful tribute to a beautiful day. LOVE it... Thank you, thank you Miss Amanda!!!!

  4. Absolutely perfect! I am crying. The slideshow is beautiful! Amanda did a fantastic job with the photos! Just wonderful. So happy for you all!!! xoxo!


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