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We are so sad this week because our sweet Grace has passed away. We have spent 10 1/2 wonderful and exciting years with her. She was the best pup. We always called her our super model because of her skinny legs, lean body and she always watched what she ate :) Never in my life have I known a dog that turned their nose up to steak. I remember the day I got her. I was a sophomore in college. I had two wonderful roomates and we thought we needed to add to our little family on Garland Street. I was pre vet that semester and had been studying different breads of dogs. The weimaraner, I had decided, would be my next dog. She was the cutest pup, and I fell in love the moment I saw her. These past 10 1/2 years have been wonderful with her around. She wasn't the most snuggly dog but she loved her mama and would sometimes crawl up close and curl up in a little ball. She was our little deer. :) Taylor and I have been talking about all the funny things she used to do today. It just doesn't seem real that she is gone. The house is empty now. Both of our girls have gone to heaven this year. Our family of 5 has dwindled down to a small 3. We do smile when we think of her in heaven with Mamie. I bet she is letting Mamie love all over her. We thank you for all the sweet flowers, emails, calls and notes. She was a HUGE part of our lives and she will be dearly missed.

I have a few pictures I would like to share with you all.

Gracie like I said was not a big eater. She did however know how to get our attention. She was a little neurotic with pawing her food bowl though in order to let us know she was ready to eat NOW. Sometimes we would fill her bowl and she would just walk away, as to let us know she was our Master! She did this everyday, no fail. I am not sure if she and Gus had a little plan up their sleeves. He would then run over and try to gobble up every morsel. It was like they had orchestrated the whole thing. Just a few months ago when she was standing at her bowl I grabbed my camera and began taking pictures of her. I was crying I was laughing so hard at that crazy dog because she began falling asleep while she was standing there. Ah! I miss her so!

I love how she curled into a tight little ball. And I will leave you with my favorite picture of her ever. A few months after losing Mamie I was walking down the hall when I found her laying in the nursery looking out the window.


  1. Oh all the memories we have of that little deer. She and Spooky flirting, biting Matthew on the nose (he obviously deserved it), all the licks on the face with that long tongue, etc...We will miss her too. I remember playing with her in the Chi O house front yard soon after you got her. What a sweet girl. And you are so right, she absolutely adored her momma. Love ya'll. Jayna

  2. She was so beautiful Sarah! Such a lucky pup to have had you as her momma. She will miss you just as much, I am sure of that.

  3. Sarah, I am so so sorry...I have you all in my thoughts!

  4. Sweet Little Grace... I will never forget when she was a little pup and she completely destroyed your room! Remember walking in and seeing her little puppy self sitting there looking at us while all of the pictures were off of your walls, your mattress was on the floor and your sketch pad had been tee tee'd on :-) She told you! I still laugh so hard when I think about that. Thankfully she grew out of those tantrums quickly!! What a little princess she was. I miss her too.

  5. Thinking of you and sweet Gracie!

  6. Sarah, you are the strongest girl I know! You have been through so much this past year. I love the picture of Gracie in Mamie's room. I can't decide if it's sweet, sad, precious,'s a little bit of everything. Thinking about you often, praying for you and mourning with you my friend!!

  7. I am so sorry to hear about your dog. You should read William Wegman's book, Fay, about his beloved weimaraner. I bet you could really relate to it.

    Your blog is a beautiful tribute to the trials, tribulations, and celebrations of life. Thanks for always writing from your heart.


  8. So sorry to hear about Gracie. Thinking of you both!

  9. So sorry to read this about your dog...She was beautiful! I will keep you in my prayers


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