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Heavy Heart

Today I have a very heavy heart. I don't know if it is because we are
coming up on 4 months or maybe because this time last year was when we
found out I was pregnant with our little Poppy Seed. I am just so sad
right now. I can't even begin to explain the feelings I am having. I
almost feel like I am drowning..... I try to catch my breath and I
can't. That huge lump in my throat is back and I can't make it go
away. I keep praying to God asking Him to pull me out of this dark
hole. I know He is listening and that He has great things planned for
Taylor and I. I guess I just wish I knew when that was. When we will
see that happy again.

Mamie we love you and miss you so very much



  1. I'm so sorry Sarah. I remember that feeling; I know that lump. You don't know what triggers it, it just sort of creeps up and then it is just heavy and sufficating and blurry. I wish so much that I can bring you that happy today, but I can tell you that you will have it again, and when you look back, these days will seem hazy. Love will be back in your heart and you learn that no matter how much your heart is broken and you miss the one you love, you know you can move forward. You never forget, but you learn to live with the memory and the love never dies. Love you and will pray extra hard tonight for you and Taylor to continue to feel peace and warm hearts.

  2. Sarah,

    Hi, You don't know me but I found your blog about 2 months ago on Kellys Korner. I am so glued to your blog. You have totally moved me. I am so saddened by the loss of your sweet baby girl. In her picture she looks just like a sleeping angel. I can't imagine your pain. When I think about what your going through it hurts my heart. I am a mom and reading your blog just moves me so much.
    Please know I am praying for you!! Your grief is so strong and unimaginable right now. I hope that soon you see and feel some happiness.
    Love, Tina Dvorak

  3. Sending many many prayers your way. Love and miss you. Jayna

  4. thinking of you all.... and sending our prayers!
    kate carter


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