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Girls Weekend

This weekend we had a much needed girls weekend at the lake.  What a fun filled time full of laughter!  Saturday we went out all day on the lake.  Yall you will not believe this.  We were all lounging in the water talking when all of a sudden Jenny started freaking out.  Earlier that day we had talked about gators and all the crazy stuff we saw on shark week :)  We all started laughing because we thought maybe a fish brushed up against her foot in the water.  NO!!!  Yall there was a snake that swam right up to her and was practically on her shoulder.  Everyone started freaking out but laughing at the same time.  We all pulled our legs up in our raft while we looked around for it.  It was a little green snake that I think was totally confuses as to how he got in the middle of the lake in the first place.  A few minutes later after everyone had calmed down Britney screamed, "There it is!"  It was back!  We ended up getting in the boat and moving to another cove. 

That night we made a huge dinner that was SO yummy.  It is making my tummy grawl right now just thinking about it.  The weather was amazing so we all sat on the deck and had some good girl talk.  

I love spending time with my girls!  

- Sarah

Pulling Candice on her raft with her beerita :)


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- Sarah